6 Free Stock Photo Websites to Help Your Blog – By Tenfold

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog is choosing the photo. The research is done; the tedious process of editing is complete, and all of the links and citations have been placed in the right spots. But when it comes time to select a header or body photo, you get stuck. While picking an image... Continue Reading →


The Mystery Blogger Award

I would like to thank https://dessertflower5.wordpress.com/ (attaching URL because I don't know her name) for nominating me for "Mystery Blogger award". Her blogs are based on real-life issues, which showcase the sweet and harsh truth of life at the same time. Pretty relatable that she calls herself as "Desert flower".    Rules Put the award logo/graphic on... Continue Reading →

My First Book: Purple-A Series of Short Stories

Hello Readers, The book is titled as "Purple" because It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. It all started with a simple thought that I had, to compile all the short stories and emotional blogs into one volume and to make it available for offline/online readers forever... Continue Reading →

Understanding The “Apps”

There are two different words we fail to understand every single time, NECESSITY & ADDICTION One shouldn't always blame an individual for using apps which are merely a time waste for them. Now again a question that arises over here is Entertainment & Infotainment. Infotainment A term and popular buzzword for a media device or service... Continue Reading →

How AI, Machine Learning and Automation will Impact Business in 2018 and Beyond

*This post was guest-authored by Tara Callinan and Jenneva Vargas from Accelo* We are living in exciting and innovative times with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips. But for the longest time, small to medium sized businesses were not serviced by the latest tech trends enterprises have been able to benefit from. That is, until now.... Continue Reading →

The Bookmark

The chapters he left, The dimensions that went unexplored,  The book could still feel his last touch, His attention, the book demands, His unfathomable love towards the books, His collection of "Love stories", "Fiction work" and everything still mapped his bookshelf, He was somewhere lost, Lost in his own world, His wife now auctioning his books, ... Continue Reading →

Aren’t We Lost?

Amidst all the taps and scrolls, I still carry a pocket diary, For them, it's their EverNote, But for me, its a pen and paper and raw emotions, For them, my memo book is an alien thing, For me their smartphones are, I lost myself somewhere in this world, Where they were busing scrolling up&down... Continue Reading →

The Interview

"So, how would you define true love?" The interviewer asked him. To which he replied, "Sir, love is something that deals with soul but not the body, it deals with the way she behaves but not about what she wears, it's not the love she expresses towards me but it's the way she comes to me,... Continue Reading →

The Outrage

"Slam a Code of misconduct" The so-called management officer ordered, "But, I have clarification, and you know it's not my mistake" the student replied "I know it's not your mistake but still, I have to support the illogical decisions made by the faculty who made a complaint about you" he replied. Illogical, Egoist, High self-confidence,... Continue Reading →

Place : Undefined

His mom called him again and again, "Son, I have prepared your favourite snack, why aren't you eating?", She asked "Son, you always used to talk with me, why aren't you speaking anymore?" "Why don't you respond to my calls, Why can't I see you smile?" Everything was going in vain, Her every try. Little... Continue Reading →

The Game Of Emotions

She asked him to do a PDA(Public Displays of Affection) for her, He was too shy to even open the front camera in his mobile, She demanded attention, He didn't have time to take care of himself either, Notification now no more had to be expanded, The so-called "They" were now interpreted by him in... Continue Reading →

I Will Be Back

A heartfelt letter, Relations are always special, and when its a father-son duo, there are not only memories but experiences. There's not only seriousness but laughter and happiness. Let's rejoice this relationship.

My Last Note

I am writing it, With my own words, framing my own phrases, I rest my pen on the book, Full of experiences which people term as "words", Is it just a psychological process?? That I've penned down my words, Framed them into a story, Knit them together to please the heart of yours, Or is... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Thinking

INTRODUCTION: Now let’s have a look at one of the buzz words in the recent time i.e. A.I. This word brings different emotions to a different set of people many are afraid of it and many are totally into it to unlock the mysteries of nature. here the thing how can A.I. just unlock some... Continue Reading →

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