The Open Mouths

They never approved, They never denied, They were just OPEN, To criticize, They questioned, But left unanswered, They stated, But never proved, They doubted, But never assisted, They always had sympathy, But never showed empathy, They always questioned, "Why don't you spend time with others?" I never answered, Little do they know about "introvert", Little... Continue Reading →


Tea Or Coffee?

Why do you have to suffer all the pain alone? Why do you have to name yourself "The house-maker"? Why do you always have to look after the house, Though you are provided with maids to help you out, You still do the work, Why do you have to be answerable to everyone? Let me... Continue Reading →

“The Not So Mainstream”

It was early morning of Monday, He was awaiting his turn to sign the documents which she wasn't. Maybe she had a second thought, Maybe a hope, A hope that he will change his decision and recall his mistakes. Recollecting the memories she had with him, she wasn't able to even hold the pen, rules... Continue Reading →

Time Lapse

I called him this afternoon, A very familiar number, A number which lies on the tip of my tongue, Dialing it did I never felt scared like others do, Except for that one day, I heard "The number you are calling is busy, please call again later" Introspecting the situation, Why was HE busy to lift... Continue Reading →

Let Me

The day had started, When he slept early morning 12:30 am, He was sensing that something bad was gonna happen, He wasn't able to concentrate on his sleep, He was mapping his bed and gazing at the clock... And for the first time, he felt a little unfamiliar with it, Calming himself, trying to gain... Continue Reading →

Will You Fall For Me?

With thousands of dreams in his eyes, millions of memories, he cried for the first time, Not because she dumped him, but because he was lost somewhere in his own world... For the first time, he cried, he could see the faces blur slowly as he withheld the glass of wine, holding it tightly he cried... Continue Reading →


I am glad you didn't judge me, The way I look, the way I talk, just the way others did, I am glad you gave me the love I was seeking, The love I could see in those eyes of yours bleaming.... I am glad you didn't judge me on the pressure I could handle,... Continue Reading →

Dear Brother

Growing up with you, Was a rollercoaster ride, Full of happiness and joy... How can I forget the time, When you used to walk beside me to the school, Never did you hold my hand, Because you wanted, To transform me into a strong person.... The times WE used to play CRICKET, At various different... Continue Reading →

The Transition

They said Men don't cry, Maybe GOD didn't put emotions in them, Maybe their eyes are meant to see, Not to cry, Like other humans do!! When 4-year-old Iqbal fell from his cycle, His body kissed the ground, The impact made him quiet more than before, And tears falling from his eyes, His mom told him, "Beta,... Continue Reading →

When I lost Myself

Few showered sympathy, Few walked by, Very few understood, The time when I lost myself, I heard that people cry when they feel sad, If sadness could ever be defined, For one it might be some of the most valuable items he/she possessed, Whereas for me it was much more than an inanimate object, When... Continue Reading →

The 3 A.M Coffee

He used to wake up early at 3 a.m for jogging whereas it was the time she used to return from her night shift, tired and exhausted she used to go for a coffee near her PG hostel. And as always she used to order an "Espresso" and would hold the stirrer for hours just... Continue Reading →

Black Are The Ashes

They thought it was cool!! Holding cigarette in one hand, and alcohol in other, They thought it was cool, At such a tender age when they should be the stick to their parents, They stuck to all those life-reducing and base-less concepts of addiction, They were just Nineteen, They thought they were grown-ups, Were they??? Generation these days are given the freedom,... Continue Reading →

The Geek

The time I shed tears, Wasn't when I was misunderstood by people, However, it wasn't the only time when I was misunderstood by them, I got a tag on myself, I used to see people, Through that small hole on that tag, I was tagged "Geek" by them!! But why that word for me?? I... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Bounds

Why do you always need to carry books, When experiences make you learn many things, That books didn't, Books made you learn many things, But education system fenced your imagination, Whenever newly born tries to take the first step, He is accompanied by his parents, But he isn't forced to go back into his cradle... Continue Reading →

Dramatically Dramatic

"Get ready, they are about to arrive," her mom told her, "But mom, I am not ready,  I want time" she replied, "You have been given 3 years of time after your graduation already," her mom said, "Is it all about getting married? Did we just forget that marriage is something, Which doesn't only mean... Continue Reading →

A Portrait

Oh, come on....Not again, I'm just a portrait, Occupying some space,  Seeking a bit of attention, Stop judging me for God's sake, I ain't-a human to be judged, I am a mixture of few pastels and watercolor, Don't differentiate me on the basis of my appearance, I am just a painting trying to entertain your... Continue Reading →

Basically, An Introvert

Dear Extrovert, Yes, we do exist, we do share our world with 7.2 billion others, The only difference is "our world", Is not same as your's, Well, the difference between our world and your world Was generated by some extrovert who was just jealous of our achievements, Who wanted to partition us from you on the basis of socializing skill, But wait... Continue Reading →

A Complex Algorithm-2

Well, let's recollect the first part of the complex algorithm! Complex ˈkɒmplɛks/ adjective adjective: complex 1. consisting of many different and connected parts. "a complex network of water channels" synonyms: compound, composite, compounded, multiplex "a complex structure" not easy to analyse or understand; complicated or intricate. So, is life really so complex and difficult to understand? Well, there's no perfect... Continue Reading →

The Tenth Dimension

  Happy Diwali fellow readers, I hope this festival brings happiness in your life!!  Because it's not always about the crackers making the noise, sometimes our soul does it too.


I am sorry for the times, I had to hold your hand, But I left you with a pair of two other hands. I am sorry for the times, When I had to attend parent-teacher meeting, But I just remember, The excitement I saw on the face of my son. I am sorry, that I... Continue Reading →

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